Crows Coffee Kansas City

Crows coffee is a community-oriented coffee shop in Kansas City, Missouri. We serve hot and iced coffee and coffee drinks, tea, baked goods and snacks.

The Story

Kansas City native Zach Moores left his job as an insurance adjuster in 2013 to open Crows Coffee.

"When I was traveling around the country for work, my only peace was the three hours a day I'd spend in a coffee shop doing paperwork,” Moores says. “No matter where I was, the local coffee shop was where I wanted to be. I want Crows Coffee to be that place for people who live in and visit Kansas City."

We eagerly opened our doors in July 2014 on the UMKC campus, and in late 2016 opened in Waldo, in the former Coffee Girls space.

The Coffee

Crows Coffee proudly serves Messenger Coffee Co.

The Crow

The crow in our name and logo represents many aspect of Crows Coffee: Crows are very community oriented, they're intelligent, social, and a little defiant. [6 Terrifying Ways Crows are Smarter Than You Think]